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  1. Visiting cemetaries

    Posted 20 Jan 2018

    I am planning on visiting a cemetery today. I am a tad worried. I've been told that spirits tend to attach to me because I am too open to them. What can I do to protect myself? I know to surround myself with white light. Anything else? Are there any precautions that you take when visiting?
  2. Seven

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    What are the seven keys of life?
    You can make up your own list and repeat anything that resonates with you. I'm still editing my list.

    1) Love, patience, kindness
    2) Give, rather than receive
    3) Seek, but do not search
    4) Keep an open mind, expanding your mind
    5) Honesty, one lie is enough to question all truths
    6) Health, be grateful for good health
    7) Communication, Ask and you shall receive
  3. $100

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    I received a random $100 check in the mail. My question is, what should I do with it? I already have a couple ideas. And what would you do with an unexpected $100?
  4. Messages

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    I am still receiving messages but I keep getting distracted and forget what subject I was guided to post about. Just remembered. But yeah, information overload.
  5. I believe

    Posted 17 Jan 2018


    Our thoughts are powerful
    Law of attraction


    Light beings, the Universe, my self


    Seeking and finding. Not looking and finding.

    In soul mates, twin flames, reincarnation.


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32 years old
December 2, 1985
love, writing, traveling

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    Victoria Icon

    14 Apr 2015 - 15:19
    You deserve it. <3
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    Victoria Icon

    10 Apr 2015 - 09:52
    How's your love life! :)
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    philosophersgate Icon

    13 Mar 2015 - 04:33
    Like your "Rainy Day" picture!
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    philosophersgate Icon

    14 Jan 2015 - 13:59
    Great Tarot and Dream Interpretations!
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    Victoria Icon

    04 Jul 2014 - 09:25
    Hello, we DO have things in common!
  6. Photo

    Victoria Icon

    14 Jun 2014 - 21:36
    Hope you're feeling better. :)
  7. Photo

    Victoria Icon

    18 Apr 2014 - 09:15
    Hello rainy. :) Welcome.
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