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Icon   Posibilities Biggest congrats 'Ouma' Victoria!!

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  1. In Topic: White Wizard Wednesday

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

    And it gets better... the recruiter offered a position that he is not interested in (he thanked her but declined). He just heard that his current work is possibly opening another, seperate dealership and his name was forwarded for a management position if the deal gets approved by head office... Lots of if's and but's - BUT you are once again (as always) spot on. Thought to give you more feedback. We shall see what the future holds Posted Image

    Thank you PG xx
  2. In Topic: Living my dreams in 2018

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

    Good on ya Angel! I try to only accept what I can't change and even then I struggle (control issues) Posted Image But we learn and keep on learning Posted Image
  3. In Topic: White Wizard Wednesday

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

    I just had to chuckle when he told me yesterday! I thought - "far out! PG is amazeballs"!! Could never think you make any of it up :D Will let you know (I doubt he will leave his current job even though he says he would for the right opportunity), he has worked very hard to be where he is now).
  4. In Topic: Long since I last came

    Posted 23 Jan 2018

  5. In Topic: White Wizard Wednesday

    Posted 22 Jan 2018

    View Postphilosophersgate, on 17 January 2018 - 06:27 AM, said:

    You may consider traveling there again later in the year, like, after October. Maybe around holidays again. If the question is about your dad's health, I don't see him going anywhere yet (but the otherside doesnt relay that information always). However, I know that you know that his health is not good but I do feel him being around awhile longer. Not trying to give you false hope but I think that you can relax with it all for the moment.

    Work.....hmmm....busy, busy. Almost chaotic at times. But good, at the same time. There will be talk of a move or change but I don't see it happening in the near term. Seems it takes them awhile to make this and any decision.

    I think that you are generally happy there.

    Is there a change coming up for your husband's work? Look for that. Seems positive.

    Your girls seem in a good place. They seem to settle into happy routines.

    I keep getting an image of a palm or coconut tree near the beach. Don't know what that means but if you go to the beach, you may have an epiphany when you see this tree and you will know that you heard it here first!

    I had to quickly give feedback.. Both my love and I (lol that sounds so corny), went back to work today and he had a call this afternoon from a big Automotive group. The HR lady said she saw his profile and wants to talk to him about a possible position.. He had to ring her back due to not being able to talk straight away and she had left already for the day..

    I thought it quite coincidental (or not) that you mentioned a change, and here straight out of the blue he is contacted.. I will keep you posted on the development of this :lol:

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    Victoria Icon

    Yesterday, 10:35 AM
    Thank you for your congratulations!
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    SoundMindHZ Icon

    15 Jan 2018 - 13:55
    Hope your trip went well.
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    Victoria Icon

    20 Sep 2017 - 10:53
    Sending Light, guidance and acceptance.
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    Victoria Icon

    26 Jan 2016 - 10:52
    Congratulations! You're a dinky-di Aussie, now. LOL :D
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    Victoria Icon

    18 Nov 2013 - 13:34
    Lovely to see you again. :)
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    Victoria Icon

    14 Nov 2013 - 07:30
    How are you, dear? I trust your holiday was peaceful. :)
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    Victoria Icon

    06 May 2013 - 22:14
    Thanks for your comment! :) Welcome to the forum. :)
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