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metal detector, sales, tons of stuff. as far socializing and dating has been a issue with me its been hard realiated to my disabity I feel i do not want to introducde the situation into there life, and it took along time to get my life were it is now. so this is a problem for me.

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Icon   rebirth1 Hi everyone its been a while!!

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Posted Image I thought I wrote a page 'ABOUT ME' , maybe I wrote it in the wrong spot?, but I discussed that I started having paranormal activity at a young age, ever since I can remember, I would be scared, I would wake my parents up, however they would say it was a bad dream and go back to bed. No cuddling ect. just go to bed. I was scared out of my mind, I seen black cloak figure, it was big!!!, and blood in the corner of the bath tub, I guess i remember this the most, because it scared me the most.
I also slept walked my mom found me out in the middle of the road, I woke when the lights hit my eyes,,, i was freaked out As I got older the sleep walking got less, but my need to know why I seen these figures and got visited at night increased. I would look in the encyclopedia that my parent's had, that's all we had at the time. I would practice white witch craft, and in 5Th grade my spell came true, yea that also freaked me and my best friend out. We, were the only ones that knew what were placed on these little rings we gave to selective friends, nothing bad was placed on them , but each one was placed with a specific spell, each one came true. That's when I put it up... it scared me to death. I thought, oh my god, i am a witch. I thought it was a bad thing. only to find out later, it was not, it was a scared thing, and passed down through the ages. As well as physic's abilities. I was so glad to find this site. finally a site a peace. and not of pointing fingers. I lived with this my whole life. Only 10 years of my life I choose to ignore it. but it still did not ignore me, it helped me as a RN, select the sickest clients , and help many and save several life's quickly. I just knew right away who were the ones who need the help right away.
During my life , I always just knew, and it comes right from my gut, no voices, the spirits, speak from the gut, and if its a bad one it way's very heavy on my chest. I been attacked once. been picked right up and strangled, couldn't breath, i thought it was my abusive boyfriend at the time but he was sleeping, as I looked down, I knew it was the evil he brought with him. I told him to leave. He was evil, and he brought evil with him , I cleansed his room, I seen the spirits in his room staring at me, he thought i was nuts, I knew I was not, I knew was I seen and said the lords prayer, hoping to help, him, but i soon realized one needs to want to help himself , and he did not. so these demonic spirits will stay with him. and as long as he stayed around me, they would be around me. I was not going to have that. Being attacked like that was the scariest time ever in my life. These spirits were demonic as hell and sure they were from there.
I have decided to use my gift to help others, so I helped my doctor, did a complete cold reading, he didn't tell my only his sister died, I told him the rest, also i was given additional information about his mom about her new diagnosis and were she lived now, maybe his sister wanted him to know this was the real deal, I also did a reading on the Internet a woman that was abused, i seen her pic, it looked like it was bruised all over, she told me i took her breath away and that's all she needed and i saved her life, she was debating leaving him now she new she had too, he was beating her. now she it happy and on her own. she also asked about her gram ma, sometimes i don't get answers people want. I only get what i am suppose to not whats demanded. that's how it works with me. I don't control this, its i higher one than me, its god the one i believe that gives the gifts and the one that gives the permission to allow the spirits to let us receive the information. If we demand it, it gets out of whack, and we are not humbled. I stay hummed and i may ask, but if its not given its not meant to be, and i will not press the situation. well that's about me. I have had serious situations in my life that hurt me along the way, ever since I was young . and notice many of us have. I was molested when i was 5 and raped in my teens, it was sweep under the rug, i went through therapy over it later in life. I wonder if that made me even more humbled. It seems when people have had serious situations happen it makes them appreciate life a little more, also having MS, has opened my eyes, but also has restricted me socially, I am scared to make friends or have a boyfriend related the expectations that are attached to the relationship's. well that's me. love in the light to all..... hope this helps anyone.
michelle waters

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54 years old
November 12, 1963
middle of a corn field lol
I enjoy my 2 sons, my cat, my home, and my herbal , brews. and flowers, the outside, and making perfumes, creames, knife colllecting, reading , wiccan, christian, pagan, flowers, knitting, crochet, painting, cleaning, cooking, tanning, makeup, making unique oils, ect.

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    Victoria Icon

    16 Jul 2010 - 08:32
    How are things going rebirth?
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    star76 Icon

    27 May 2010 - 11:34
    Hi rebirth1, hope you like being on this forum, i havent been here for long, but i feel quite at home..Hope you having a wonderful day and the sun is shining...kim xx
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    rebirth1 Icon

    27 May 2010 - 01:25
    thank all of you for stopping by and sending me messages, I been feeling alone lately, Ms, has a way of making you feel alone, on the outside you look normal, people even give you complements saying how well you look, but on the inside you hurt and feel so different. I sometimes wish they could see that part. I don't have any friends, hope to make some here. love in the light michelle
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    EAM Icon

    26 May 2010 - 15:07
    Thank you for asking about my experiences! I have had a few experiences with the paranormal. My house isn't haunted, my parents built it. My friends have had me cleanse their houses before, though, which has been fun. I've also had some experiences channeling spirits as well.
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    Victoria Icon

    26 May 2010 - 14:41
    The 'About Me' can be accessed by clicking on the light blue tab above the dark blue About Me heading. Under your status update section. Your signature is a message that shows ion each post you make. Click on Edit My Profile (above right) and then on Change Signature of left of page that opens. :)
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    Victoria Icon

    21 May 2010 - 19:49
    Welcome to the forum.
    Please introduce yourself in the new member's thread. :)
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    FDragon Icon

    21 May 2010 - 14:49
    Thanks for stopping by my profile and reading some of my posts, it means a lot. I know you'll have a great time here on the forum. All the best.
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    FDragon Icon

    21 May 2010 - 14:48
    Thanks for stopping by my profile and reading some of my posts. It means a lot to me. I wish you an awesome time on here. All the best.
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    21 May 2010 - 12:56
    Welcome newbie :) Thank you for your kind words. It's only been a little over 2 months since his passing, but I feel like I'm doing well. This baby is a BLESSING. I know Alex will be with me and HIM(hehehe, so excited!) in spirit. I know he loves me so much and if I need him, he will always be there. I can feel his love :)
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