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  1. In Topic: Guardian dog

    Posted 7 Jul 2017

    I just realized my first post made it seem like I hadn't found the dog yet that I received a message about. I found her..we had her, but we let her go. She is lost now. I searched the neighborhood where the rescue is and I might go looking for her again tonight.
  2. In Topic: Guardian dog

    Posted 7 Jul 2017

    She is a husky mix with wolf dog..:) She is a wonderful dog. A nervous dog because of previous owners..We ended up giving her to a rescue who was going to try to find her a good home. I really regret this and the rescue had a lot of problems with her and said they couldn't adopt her out. So I was going to get her back. As I was driving, to pick her up, I got a call saying my dog got out of the fenced yard..
  3. In Topic: Missing Bunny

    Posted 22 Jun 2017

    After almost two weeks trying different methods to catch him, my cat was playing in the yard with him and I coached my cat to go back inside and bunny followed him! He's home now.I missed him.
  4. In Topic: Missing Bunny

    Posted 16 Jun 2017

    I put up a flyer and got three people saying they saw him. He has been hanging out in some bushes but travels fast. I went looking for him again but didn't see him.
  5. In Topic: New Old Love

    Posted 13 Jun 2017

    I guess this is history now. Turmoil. This relationship went downhill quickly, which actually makes me wonder if it could be a twin flame connection, because I've heard they are difficult in that each of you will see in each other things you don't like about yourself and have to come to terms with. When it's good, it's good..when things are bad between us, they're Bad. I'm ending anything that ever was. Time to move on.

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December 2, 1985
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    Victoria Icon

    14 Apr 2015 - 15:19
    You deserve it. <3
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    Victoria Icon

    10 Apr 2015 - 09:52
    How's your love life! :)
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    philosophersgate Icon

    13 Mar 2015 - 04:33
    Like your "Rainy Day" picture!
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    philosophersgate Icon

    14 Jan 2015 - 13:59
    Great Tarot and Dream Interpretations!
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    Victoria Icon

    04 Jul 2014 - 09:25
    Hello, we DO have things in common!
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    Victoria Icon

    14 Jun 2014 - 21:36
    Hope you're feeling better. :)
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    Victoria Icon

    18 Apr 2014 - 09:15
    Hello rainy. :) Welcome.
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