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Topics I've Started

  1. Is there anything in here you think deserves a bump?

    Posted 14 Jan 2018

    Want to look at something from a different perspective?

    Changed your mind about something?

    Want to shed new light on a topic?

    Post here!
  2. Who else has a particular colour they always buy or choose and why?

    Posted 13 Jan 2018

    Why purple? Does this preference also apply to food? LOL
  3. Strange things happening

    Posted 13 Jan 2018

    I have no idea what is happening!

    This morning I couldn't find my post relating to the little puzzle I gave you to solve: "Have a Go!" so I looked for my other recent posts -- nowhere!

    I will email admin. ...

    Should we just carry on and see what happens?

    Should we re-post what we remember?
  4. Dr Wayne Dyer

    Posted 19 Dec 2017

    Thanks to a link to an Angel Summit sent by our Angel I have found my way back to an inspiring author and teacher, Dr Wayne Dyer. I've actually been listening with Dr Dyer in the background as I potter around in the mornings preparing for my day.

    It has given me the impetus to get up and go on those days when I feel reluctant.I think I am being guided to a significant change.
    the books and YouTube presentations will help you to create a more fulfilling and happier life.

    Dr Dyer died in 2015 but his words will continue to strike a chord with those who want to take charge of their life and provide the necessary tools for doing so.

    Posted 5 Nov 2017

    A little while ago I asked you to send healing to my friend who had just been diagonised
    with lung cancer.

    In less than 6 months she is now clear.

    She sends her thanks.

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  1. Photo

    sinaga Icon

    28 Sep 2017 - 05:22
    hi victoria,
    how to read " password-protected forum" ?
  2. Photo

    SoundMindHZ Icon

    04 Sep 2017 - 18:59
    Merci beaucoup moi ami! I appreciate the warm welcoming you left on my profile! Si'vous ple, feel at liberty to chat with me at your leisure. I would enjoy that.
  3. Photo

    Chiili Icon

    02 Jan 2017 - 14:36
    Happy New Year to you too! *hugs*
  4. Photo

    sweetie1984 Icon

    10 Jul 2016 - 00:45
    Thanks! Happy Belated 4th to you as well, even if you are not from the USA. Holidays are always fun to celebrate.
  5. Photo

    MT2010 Icon

    21 Apr 2015 - 19:17
    Nice to see you again also! (:
  6. Photo

    EnlightenedEnigma Icon

    15 Apr 2015 - 02:05
    Not a problem. Thanks! :)
  7. Photo

    Victoria Icon

    10 Apr 2015 - 10:11
    You deserve it. <3
  8. Photo

    RainyDay Icon

    10 Apr 2015 - 10:03
    Kind of booming, blooming..flourishing... But he's in Oregon.. Probably a good thing, to keep me from moving too fast.. though of course, we feel we've known each other for many, many years plus the astral!
  9. Photo

    Ushakk Icon

    10 Apr 2015 - 02:55
    Hello,victoria hope your doing good.thank you so much for your words..nice to read about you really ur a beautiful soul nice to meet you.
  10. Photo

    booie Icon

    29 Nov 2014 - 10:16
    hello! :)
  11. Photo

    nelehnotrop Icon

    11 Jul 2014 - 14:59
    Hi Victoria, long time no chat. Hope your well. Em & I have moved again (3rd in 19 mths) sucks..but what can you do, just get on with it. It's a cute little unit 5min from my parents, so I pop in there a bit more reg. One nice thing happened after the move...in the same week I had a little windfall enough to update to a newer(Pre-Loved) car. Feeling very grown up! :D
  12. Photo

    RainyDay Icon

    19 Jun 2014 - 17:08
    Yes, I am feeling a little better=]
    Just noticed we have some things in common..I always make sure possible UFO's can spot me and I tell them to take me away:D I;m also a vegetarian who loves gloomy days and magical cats.
  13. Photo

    RainyDay Icon

    18 Apr 2014 - 10:22
    oh, hey there
  14. Photo

    nelehnotrop Icon

    12 Feb 2014 - 23:17
    That was good to hear Victoria, Hope it worked out. There's a lot of suffering going on at the moment...I'm only thankful I am strong enough to be of use to others right now. Hope all is well in your world. :D Regards Neleh
  15. Photo

    nelehnotrop Icon

    05 Dec 2013 - 21:08
    Festive Blessings to you Victoria, It has been a busy year of study, Moving (AGAIN) four weddings and a funeral. So I have not been on the forum for a while, I do think of everyone and hope they are OK, but not had the time....the forum can be very time consuming and sort of addictive if your let it. Anyway...you and Dot were sort of my most normal and grounded members to interact with. :D x Neleh
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