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Icon   Posibilities So sad - we mourn with you Manchester :(

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  1. Healing for little one

    Posted 23 May 2017

    Can you please send some healing to my youngest. She literally just got better from an ear infection (got AB's) and started coughing a few nights ago. It is keeping us up (literally hourly). Had her at the GP yesterday and they are so slack.. Said "oh, her ear is a bit red, her temp is slightly high - just wait and see how she goes over the next few days"..Posted Image

    We have had sick/injured kids the past few weeks and I am getting a bit tired of it Posted Image

    Please send healing to our beautiful Olivia so that her chest clears up (or whatever bug is causing her to cough so much at night).

    Thanks x
  2. Dreamt of my friend..

    Posted 23 May 2017

    She passed away end of last year (she had her 2nd lung transplant and died 2 weeks after the operation).

    She looked beautiful and radiant. She was healthy and smiling and so calm. I told her how much I missed her Posted Image

    I am glad that I dreamt of her, I think she came to say hi to me... Today I am sad. Sad that she passed so young and that she did not get to do in this lifetime what she was hoping to.. Posted Image
  3. Small procedure

    Posted 29 Mar 2017

    Hi all,

    I need a small (day procedure) done and wondering if it's the best option for me. I've been having some issues and gynae gave 2 choices but is leaning heavily towards the one. After reading all documentation/information I am still unsure if it will be the best although the alternative is going on the pill which is not great either (various reasons, age included). The only way to eradicate what I have is a hysterectomy which is not an option for me at all :(

    So can anyone sense if it will be ok to try this minor procedure and if it will help my symptoms?

  4. Healing

    Posted 16 Feb 2017

    Hey all you amazing healers - can I please ask for healing again for my dad
    He was admitted yesterday and on an IV and strong meds to force all the excess water out his body. His breathing is laboured due to all the fluid build up. They are also doing tests and a scan tomorrow to see what's up with his liver. Might be a virus.. I just want everything to come to the light on his health issues so all can be treated.

    I am just glad he is in care now and getting help! Please send healing that he recovers well and can function more normally after all this.

    Thank you xxx
  5. Signs

    Posted 1 Feb 2017

    My friend that lost her 2yr old beautiful boy last December (yesterday was the 1 month anniversary) to drowning is an atheist. She is very scientifically minded and not religious etc at all.

    So a day or two before Natey's drowning, she kept on seeing crows.. Now this is very strange as there is never any crows in the area they live. She's never seen them at all... Whilst the paramedics tried to revive him, there were a few crows close by.. After his passing she was given rose quartz (and felt very drawn to it), and had a massage from a friend that is a Reiki master - all this is very unlike her due to her strong atheist beliefs. Yesterday when driving home she spoke to her son and asked "Natey, please show me a sign that you are ok". She immediately chastised herself as she doesn't really believe there is anything after death. Well, as she drove on, a few crows started flying over her. Then ahead of her and "parked" in a big tree. She actually pulled over and took a pic..

    I like to believe it's her son sending her signs. She has such guilt over his drowning as she was with him at home... Perhaps by seeing these signs, it will help her heal...

    Anyway, just wanted to share :angel:

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    26 Jan 2016 - 10:52
    Congratulations! You're a dinky-di Aussie, now. LOL :D
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    18 Nov 2013 - 13:34
    Lovely to see you again. :)
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    14 Nov 2013 - 07:30
    How are you, dear? I trust your holiday was peaceful. :)
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    06 May 2013 - 22:14
    Thanks for your comment! :) Welcome to the forum. :)
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