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Licensed Cosmetologist since 06/01/2017
Card reader 10 years as a hobby

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Icon   SoundMindHZ Been practicing my cards lately, recording each one. Trusting myself or trying to.

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  1. A few cartomancy/Tarot questions.

    Posted 17 Jan 2018

    So I've been noticing a few things on which I need improvement, 1 recording my reading results, and a good method of doing so. 2, I've noticed each deck has it's own personality when I ask it question and talk to it, I have a deck and we don't quite click and I end up going back to my old faithful's bicycle playing card deck or my rider waite decks whom I get along well with. Lastly connecting with the client I noticed I can have a hard time wording things or saying things in an odd manner making it hard to read or understand I get nervous when this happens. Anyone have advice, information or experience they might like to impart so I may improve my skills as a diviner?
  2. Weird dreams....

    Posted 13 Jan 2018

    So I was taking a nap today the meds I'm on make me tired, any who I was in the hospital helping other patients in the dream all was well, until a staff member did something rude and mean don't remember what I got angry ran around alot till I got an escape route then in the grass after my tempt there was a word in roses a bogus diagnosis I know is false and the dr's let me go and did not care and kept my stuff that I had after I said give it back. and then I woke up.
  3. Card readings

    Posted 10 Jan 2018

    Card readings anybody? I have a lot of time on my hands and would like to spend it doing what I love.
  4. Personal Update

    Posted 24 Dec 2017

    Pulling my life together the best I can, recently learned of some history I guess forced some memory repression. I was abused apparently as a child so badly infact Mom say's I've never been the same person since. I became violent, of which I have very few to no recollection of. Working to get SSI and figure it out with a Dr. I'm not letting this one fail or disregard it, starting from page one on my mental health record. I'm pushing for some effort this time, nothing less the perfect success. I'm not a doll or a lab rat. For a long time it felt more normal to be depressed then it felt to be happy, anything other then angry outbursts, paranoia and depression felt wrong. Cutting back on work hours more but despite it feeling wrong or uncomfortable rn I'm happy. I've even been able to avoid hospitalization and any "SA's" I hope everybody else here is doing well or making some progress in your endeavors.
  5. What is happiness?

    Posted 13 Dec 2017

    What is happiness? It seem's to be different for everybody, for me it seems to come in bits and pieces,as if only to keep the only thread of sanity I have left from plucking like a broken, fringed and tasseled guitar string.
    I bottle up pain and anger in fear of them. It almost seems to let that tiny amount of joy last longer, if only for a day. I get depressed almost instantly and face internal hallucinations and delusions, I'm good at my cards and most things I do. Crazy? Psychic? Both? Either way. The happiness I desire is not the happiness I own. I long for a joy which I can hold without it being lost to the sands of time at a moments notice, I've built myself to be consistent, reliable, available, Kind, smart and strong. And yet despite my efforts this abstract concept of a dream I seek most has seemingly declared it does not care of my efforts, I am forced to question my ethics and beliefs based on this.
    Schizophernia. Splitting of the mind. what does Schizotypal then mean? A mind can only split so much before it shatters to pieces, like the happiness I currently own. I'm not sad but I'm certainly not happy. There's nothing wrong with that, it's not immoral, unlawful or unnatural. Yet it bugs me still. https://en.wikipedia...wiki/Schizotypy

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23 years old
July 11, 1994
Tarot, Drawing, Hair care

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    Posibilities Icon

    17 Jan 2018 - 08:21
    Great avatar!!
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    Victoria Icon

    13 Nov 2017 - 18:19
    We're all hoping you are well and looking forward to hearing what is happening in the life of the "Make-up marvel for the stars"!. You have the same birthday as my daughter, but she is 34 now!
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    SoundMindHZ Icon

    14 Oct 2017 - 08:06
    Thank you, I do my best to be honest about myself. Deceit does not last long, and if it does it destroys alot...
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    Victoria Icon

    12 Oct 2017 - 16:39
    I enjoyed reading your 'About Me'page, JJ.
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    Victoria Icon

    04 Sep 2017 - 09:46
    Welcome to our forum! I'm sure I'm not the only one who is looking forward to your posts.
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