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About Me

Does this sound like you?

You have a need for other people to like and admire you, and yet you tend to be critical of yourself.
While you have some personality weaknesses you are generally able to compensate for them.
You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage.
Disciplined and self-controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.
At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.
You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations.
You also pride yourself as an independent thinker; and do not accept others' statements without satisfactory proof.
But you have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others.
At times you are extroverted, affable, and sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, and reserved. Some of your aspirations tend to be rather unrealistic.
this too shall pass

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  1. Photo

    Victoria Icon

    16 Aug 2012 - 10:02
    That was a short visit!
  2. Photo


    08 Jun 2012 - 23:20
    You're back??!!!!????
  3. Photo

    anknuctfuer Icon

    03 Apr 2010 - 09:40
    happy easter fooze, keep it shinny side up mate.
  4. Photo

    Lilac Queen Icon

    02 Apr 2010 - 14:08
    Your 'about me' post sounds too eerily like myself. And her eI was thinking I'm an original : )
  5. Photo

    anknuctfuer Icon

    02 Apr 2010 - 09:56
    ops it suppose to be cr 94 250 hahahaha
  6. Photo

    anknuctfuer Icon

    02 Apr 2010 - 09:53
    hey fooze how ya doin. dzr 400 ay good choice of bike nimble they handle great in the hills my mate had one.as for my self i have 2007 sv 1000 2004 r1 track bike 2010 rmx 450 cr94 240 and a 76 a100 2 stroke suzuki i did race super bikes a while back but my focus is on just kicking back and enjoy what life has to offer
  7. Photo

    Thebigtheory Icon

    17 Mar 2010 - 18:14
    thanks fooze for the comment :) hope you are well! x
  8. Photo

    Thebigtheory Icon

    14 May 2009 - 22:05
    sending *love* to your comment box and *hugs* to you!! :)
    hope your OK :)
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