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  1. Hey

    Posted 14 Aug 2017

    What you all up to? Any news to share?
    I just wanted to share that I have asked the universe for some new friends and I have got two. I also asked that my friends relationship be sorted out, and it looks like that's worked too Posted Image
  2. Cigar smoke

    Posted 20 Apr 2017

    My dad who recently passed used to smoke cigars.

    On her way to a medical appointment my sister got in her car and could smell cigar smoke...and thought of him.

    Do you think there was a message for her?Posted Image

    Posted 13 Apr 2017

    One members years of research in two postsPosted Image

    Thank you GrummyPosted Image

    View PostGrummy, on 01 October 2006 - 02:24 PM, said:

    QUOTE (violet_cream @ Sep 30 2006, 11:44 PM)

    Hi ... Everything in life is composed of energy, which begins at molecular level. The human form is encircled by an energy field aka an aura. This aura surrounds the physical body, much like an egg shell.

    Besides the aura, the energetic make-up of man also comprises of a Haric Line - this is simpler than the auric field and exists on a dimension deeper than your basic nature. This is considered your line of intent. It consists of 3 points along a lazer like line that is in the centre of your body. As the auric field has specific and immediate correspondence to your thoughts and feelings, so too does the Hara Line. One point of the Hara Line is found above the head, the point at which you connect with your Higher Self. When this gets clogged up you can feel disconnected from the Divine, everyone and everything and feel very alone in the world. Another point is near the belly button and is a will or power centre. Healers usually operate from this point and it is not unusual for them to feel raised body temperature during healing sessions. Chronic back problems generally result from a torn Hara Line.

    Next you get your High Heart or Soul Seat. This is often confused with a chakra, but isn't. It is situated in your upper chest. Here is where you carry your spiritual longing and is sometimes referred to as the Christ Light. This brings the passion you have to achieve great things in your lifetime and this longing is very geared to your life purpose.

    The Core Star Level is kinda like a quantum leap deeper than the Haric Level in to who you are and on this level everyone looks like a beautiful star. Most wonderful of all is that each of these Core Stars are unique to each indivudial Posted Image It is in this place that you are wise, loving and courageous and also known as where the deeper goodness lies within us all.

    All energies begin with core conscieousness, moving thro the deeper levels of your being until they reach your physical world. Everything is first manifested as consciousness in the core, then as your intent in the Haric level, than as your life energy in the Auric level, which later emerge in the physical universe.

    Now that you hopefully have a better understanding of how the energetic make-up on 'other' levels affects the physical body, we can now move onto the actual auric field. This is most commonly made up of 7 layers. As we progress, more auric layers are being discovered, but the 7 main ones are sufficient in this instance.

    The first level is the Etheric Body and is the first layer of the aura, showing up as aqua blue. This is the blueprint for the physical body and even has the same structure as your physical body WITH all the anatomical parts! These are known as energy zones or meridians. This layer provides the required structure for the chakras, which I think we all know something about. Believe it or not, but we have something like 72000 known chakras, but only 7 main chakras. Within this layer all physical sensations are felt.

    Second level is the Emotional Field. This energy is directly associated with the feelings and emotions we have about ourselves. This layer looks like a multi-coloured cloud of very light mist which is in constant motion. It also envelopes the physical body and interpenetrates the other levels and bodies that surround it. Positive emotions radiate clearly and brightly in the aura, while depression, confusion or sadness shows up in this layer of the aura as kinda 'muddy'. Blobs of energy are also seen on this layer, especially if someone is say in therapy and venting, letting go.

    The third layer is the mental body and has a higher frequency than the etheric and emotional field. This particular energy is associated with all thoughts, mental processes and our rational worlds. This is usually a bright yellow colour and normally radiates around the head and shoulders, also extending around the entire body. Thought forms can be seen as bright blobs of varying brightness. Additional colours can be superimposed at this level from the emotional level. At this level, when we observe our thoughts, they can have a direct and very powerful influence on creating the reality that we really want! So, it is safe to say that when the first 3 levels of the aura are balanced, one feels self-acceptance, safe and has a sense of personal power.

    The fourth level is the Astral Field and is formless/shapeless like the emotional field. This too is made up of clouds of colours, but more beautiful than in the emotional field. This field usually has the same set of colours, but is usually infused with the rose light of love. When people fall in love, beautiful cotton wool like clouds of rose light can be seen around their bodies and arcs of rose light connects their hearts. It is at this level that we interact with all around us and here lies our feelings towards others. This energy level has a higher vibrational level than the emotional field, but is thicker/denser, containing the colours of the rainbow. When born, we have auric cords that connect us to our parents, like an umbilical cord. These cords develop with the aura and represents our relationship with each parent and will later continue to create relationships to either the men or women in our lives. Each new relationship develops more cords. When relationships end the cords can be ripped out or torn, causing great pain and damage to the energy field. The time spent getting over a broken relationship is generally the time needed to disconnect the cords to that other person.

    The Fifth Level is the Etheric Template and contains all the forms that exist on the physical plane in a blueprint or template form. This is therefore the blueprint for the etheric body at the level of Divine Will. Divine Intent is manifested into physical pattern or form. This layer can extend quite far from the body and looks like a photograph negative with transparent lines of energy on a cobalt blue background, but it is very much a layer of energy that is alive and is constantly pulsating and unfolding. Everything in our Universe is created on the etheric template level through sound.

    The Sixth Level is the Celestial Body and is the emotional level of the spiritual plane. This is a very high frequency and this is the level we experience spiritual ecstacy on. This can be reached thro meditation for example. This is the point where we reach the point of knowing our connection with all of the universe, where we see the light and love in everything. This appears as a beautiful shimmering light of pastel, rainbow streamers with a gold/silver shine, almost like mother of pearl and just seems to shine out of the body like the glow of a candle.

    The Seventh Level is the Ketheric Template or Casual Body and is the mental level of the spiritual plane. When consciousness is at this level a feeling of oneness with God is felt. The outer form is the egg shape of the aura. This too has a very high vibrational level and is composed of tiny, but strong and durable threads of gold/silver light that are interwoven and holds the aura together. It forms into a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it. This is the strongest and most resiliant level of the aura. It contains a grid structure of the body and associated chakras, as well as the power current of the Hara Line that runs up and down the spine and carries energy to the roots of each chakra, connecting and energising all the chakras. Past lives are also contained within this level of the aura, with the band near the head and neck area containing the past life that we are working to clear in this lifetime. It contains our life plan and is the last level directly related to this incarnation. Telepathy occurs at this level, as well as being able to access the universal mind for information beyond what is generally obtained from mere thinking.

    The Astral level is the bridge between our physical and spiritual worlds.

    Even altho this wasn't really part of the question, I personally feel that too little is known about our main chakras. There are 7 - 1 at the top of the head (crown chakra -pituatary - violet), another at the forehead (brow/third eye - pineal - purple/violet), the throat (throat chakra - thyroid - blue), chest (heart chakra - thymus, which controls our immune system - green), stomach (solar plexus chakra - pancreas - yellow); Belly button (Sacral chakra - Adrenals - orange); and Pelvic area (Base/Root Chakra - Gonads - Red).

    Each main chakra is connected to an endocrine gland, which is what keeps us alive! Little is known by modern medicine about the workings of the endocrine glands by the way. As you will gather from this information, our chakras connect to the endocrine glands and thereby infuse our physical selves with the energy from our auras. Hence the importance of being balanced body, mind and spirit! As we evolve our aura vibrationary levels are increasing, bringing with this a new awareness or consciousness.

    When the 7 main chakras operate functionally, without blockages, this is often known as an opening of the Kundalini Line or the Shushuma Channel.

    Seeing auras was an everyday ability in time gone by - with time we 'unlearnt' how to see and react to auras. If you really want to try and learn to see them, the easiest way is to get someone to stand against a white wall, about 6 or 7 foot in front of you. Look past their one ear and soften your gaze to a kinda blur. The first inkling that you are seeing an actual aura will be first seeing what is known as the envelope, which is seen as a thin white line surrounding the living item. Remember, everything that lives has an aura, not just people. Plant life is rich in energy, which is why destroying our forests is so very dangerous to our livelihood - believe it or not, but we humans derive much of our actual energy from trees and not just the oxygen they produce!

    Hope this wasn't too confusing :-S .. l've tried to condense years of study into something simplified and am not sure l've done such a great job.

    View PostGrummy, on 01 October 2006 - 06:45 PM, said:

    QUOTE (The Kaiouken @ Oct 1 2006, 06:18 AM) Grummy, you did a great job! Thank you for sharing this with us! This is very useful information.
    I suppose then to answer Tenchis' question the Akashic Record is on the seventh layer.

    I've learned over my many years of life (LOL although my age is half that of some of you, maybe even a third Posted Image ) that people are very creative, and there isn't only one way to do anything, or who's to say that any particular way to do something is the right way. Aura seering is one way we know how to do this, but I'm sure there are others. For example, I've caught glimpses of my past lives and my life path, but I've certainly never had any concious awareness of this 7th layer of chakra.

    My pleasure .. yes, the Akashic records can be reached via the 7th layer of the aura, however you do need to be spiritually 'tuned' to reach that level. This is also mostly achieved during a state of meditation. There are also crystals that can help in this regard. Phantom Quartz, Moldavite, Phenacite, Zoisite, cathedral quartz and sheet quartz are the most popularly used for this purpose. Meditate with the stone and it should help you access whatever it is you need to know.

    If you would like to access past lives the most useful stones for this are: Apatite, Apophyllite, Aragonite, Charoite and Dioptase.

    The Antahkarana or building thereof is a fascinating subject, as, as we evolve, the building of this 'bridge' uses mental substance between the personality (us on earth) and the soul and then later, between the soul and the spiritual triad and monad.

    It starts as a thread from the physical body to the etheric body (passing from the heart to the spleen). The 2nd thread goes from the etheric to the astral (solar plexus to heart to astral body). The 3rd thread is from the astral to the mental body (3rd eye chakra to head/crown to mental body). The Antahkarana was given to earth people during Lumurian times which is over 100 000 years ago and was created by the Ascended Masters. It was given to us by them as they saw we were experiencing problems with connecting to our Higher Selves. It is used mainly during meditation or for healing, as it works directly with your aura and chakras. As it is directed by our Higher Self it always has a beneficial effects and can never be misused or used for harm.

    Antah means within and Karana means action.

    The Antakharana and it's uses have been written about extensively by Alice Bailey if anyone would like to do more research.

    Hee hee .. there is much more to life than meets the eye huh? Posted Image

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