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  1. In Topic: Week ahead tarot spread

    Posted 16 Oct 2017

    I get the results of my scans tomorrow, hopefully they have finally found out what is wrong and I will get the right treatment by the end if the week.Posted Image
  2. In Topic: White Wizard Weekend Wishes!

    Posted 14 Oct 2017

    View Postphilosophersgate, on 13 October 2017 - 03:04 PM, said:

    Lets see.....First, I want to refer back to the image of you hovering calmly in the top of a tornado that is high in the sky and floating over your city. You are calm and centered though the whirlwind rages around you. You are unaffected. Nor are you affected by the comings and goings on the street below. You are metaphorically above and detached from it all but see everything. The tornado eventually transports you to a new place and the noise dissipates but the calm remains. This is both metaphorical and physical as you will move house in a year and half or so. You may actually have an interim move or find yourself spending much time at someone elses home or locale.

    I don't see any monumental changes in work before year end. It does seem that you go into a different building. It could be a new client or client location or perhaps, you change offices but not jobs.

    Your daughter pops in. Pay a little extra attention through the rest of the year. Use your mom's intuition. She seems to be busy so don't let her get run down. Sleeping in on the weekend and eating warm foods/soups seem to help keep her healthy and alert.

    I know that your sister is a concern and a lot of your focus seems to be there. Nothing new to report there as there is a process at play. I particularly feel your father's energy near you so be sure to tap into that for extra guidance.

    Is there a West Bridge or West ________bridge? That seems to be something pertinent to a near event or location.

    One thing that I would recommend for the remainder of the year is to be a little less concerned for work and to plunge yourself into the holiday spirit early. Work is "percolating" at the moment and there is not much that you can do to move things forward. You would be better off in "letting the grass grow" instead of pulling it up to check the roots.

    Yes. Holiday spirit. Thats what you need now! Start with Halloween but with Christmas already in mind and if you need an interim holiday to get you through November then celebrate Thanksgiving with your American brother! hahaha! :lol:


    Thank you, this all makes perfect sense and us about priorities.


    All of the above can be fun with a little effort or changes in perception...

    Work will never take up so much of my energy again. Lesson learned and mindset changed.Posted Image
  3. In Topic: White Wizard Weekend Wishes!

    Posted 13 Oct 2017

    Fantastic to see you posting. And lovely of you to offer.

    I have had some hectic energy, especially as you predicted..

    It seems to be evening out and I think I've finally learnt to rise above it.
    (think I've had some realisations as to how things got so bad a couple of years back).

    So I think I'm just asking if you see anything more specific now, in my near futurePosted Image

    My wishes are health amd well being for my loved ones and myself.
    More financial security.
    Having fun with new and old friends.Posted Image
  4. In Topic: a hawk flying by

    Posted 11 Oct 2017

    I believe a hawk symbolises wisdom and the amity to fly high seeing things from a higher perspective.

    Fits in with the dream perhaps being about a meeting with your higher self Posted Image

  5. In Topic: Climbing a tower and a revelation

    Posted 11 Oct 2017

    Are there any significant dates with 6 and 18 in them. The pyrite and geometry could be protection and healing...Posted Image
    Could be your higher self giving you advice. Posted Image

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    27 Apr 2017 - 19:55
    I'm an ordinary healer, a realistic reiki teacher and coach.
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    Thank you for the bubbles -- I think I got some!
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    LOVE your bio! <3
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    Very beautiful bio!
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    You have a nice profile page. Thanks for responding to my forum posts.
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    Hi Chamuel, just wanted to say hello, I'm definitely in accord with what you say about posts being art.
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    Beautiful 'about me' section!
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    Thank you for your support and help. You have a good heart!
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    I love your "about me".
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