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  1. In Topic: Week ahead tarot spread

    Posted 19 Oct 2017

    View PostAngel Soul, on 16 October 2017 - 03:23 AM, said:

    I get the results of my scans tomorrow, hopefully they have finally found out what is wrong and I will get the right treatment by the end if the week.Posted Image

    How did the results go Angel? Been thinkimg of you this week xxx

  2. In Topic: White Wizard Weekend Wishes!

    Posted 14 Oct 2017

    Thank you again PG! Have a wonderful weekend :woofpup:
  3. In Topic: White Wizard Weekend Wishes!

    Posted 14 Oct 2017

    View Postphilosophersgate, on 14 October 2017 - 12:00 AM, said:

    Hi, Posibilities!

    Really just a few things to focus on over the coming months that you may be neglecting in all of the "busy-ness".

    The primary thing is to focus on your own well being and guard against getting run down and depleting your energy. I know that its hard to do with little ones but you need just a little more quiet, meditation, sunshine and wholesome food.

    The psychic picture I get is of this low level "static" of stress and anxiety that lays over you. Its not a depressive energy but an accumulation of stressors that lay over you like a coat that weigh and slow you down a bit. It appears in my psychic eye as a light gray coat. Light gray is not a depressive color for my interpretation but more an accumulation of yours and others anxiety that can easily be shed at the end of each day with a little meditative and energetic effort.

    I do pick up a darker gray area around your shoulders (right shoulder and trapezius muscle). Any problems there? Perhaps you are just storing extra stress there.

    So, nothing dreadful in all of this but if you manage this better on a day to day basis you'll be in a much more robust state to handle what life throws at you and in your day to day life it all will appear much brighter and clear.

    An example of a "prescription" to fit in your daily life:

    1. Ten minutes in the morning---Do 10 yoga sun salutations and few minutes of meditation and/or prayer as soon as your roll out of bed.
    2. Sit in the sun on your lunch break.
    3. Short walk after dinner and take a moment to meditate on something beautiful just before you walk back into the house after your walk.
    4. Add more "green" to your diet.

    I would call this or something similar, your maintenance program to do every day. Of course, there are many other activities that could substitute but this is a good maintenance template to help fortify your day, build your resistance and to "shed" the gray coat.

    I also pick up that there is a great focus particularly on one daughter. Nothing particular for you to do there because you are already doing it and all works out well. Is she...hmmm, middle one?...in a "program" that last to the end of the year where you expect some behavioral improvement of some sort? if so, it works out well.

    Other than that, keep your arms around the family near and far. Focus on the Love not the worry, and watch the dance play with compassion...which you always do.

    You have a lot going on and lots of important event to transpire, so we can read more as things arise....but know that all is well...even the things that we don't like!


    I have always loved your reading style PG - the way you explain and bring the message across truly is a gift. Thank you :angel:

    Lol! It IS my right shoulder! I carried quite a few heavy boxes up some stairs at work and I think I hurt it a bit (or I slept weirdly), it was hurting all this week but is not feeling too bad today actually.

    Thank you for the example of what to do daily - I am going to try and do this! Will make an effort to sit outside in our garden patio area upstairs at work instead of inside during my lunch (when I get lunch as I have been working through them lately). But that will definitely boost me!
    I am googling Yoga Sun salutations - I can definitely wake up a bit earlier each day and do something (I lie in bed for at least 30mins before getting up anyway) I just tend to be a bit lazy :rolleyes: Our days are longer with daylight savings and I have been thinking of doing something when I get home at night (but again, lazy and tired when I eventually walk in)..

    I have just enrolled our middle child for some therapy to help with anxiety and behaviour (although it has been better this year but I feel she needs a bit of help to learn some tools) and our youngest is in ongoing therapy/classes with relation to her ASD (I tend to think the focus is on her at the moment as I have lots going on with regards to her diagnosis and getting support for her from school and funding from the government)..

    When I read your first reply to Nigel about the Liv sounding name I smiled. Our nickname for our youngest is Livvie, Leela, Livs etc :lol:

    Thank you again PG - We have a big 2 1/2 months ahead especially with out trip to SA (trying not to think on that too much). I am forever grateful for your time. Thanks so much xxxx :love:
  4. In Topic: White Wizard Weekend Wishes!

    Posted 13 Oct 2017

    Hiya White Wizard - I miss seeing you around often! Hope you are well (plotting along as always) Posted Image

    I have so much going on at the moment - I guess I want to know is there anything specific I should focus my attention on (that I might miss in all the hecticness which seems to be my life)..

    Although - perhaps I am doing just great as it is, and managing well regardless Posted Image
  5. In Topic: Healing circle

    Posted 9 Oct 2017

    Sending healing to your sis, your friend K and you Angel xx

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